The Top 5 Things to Do in Cleveland this Weekend

Check out my VLOG above to discover the top 5 things to do in Cleveland this weekend or any time of the week for that matter! If you’re strapped for time, these 5 things will take you straight to the heart and soul of the city.

Cleveland caught my eye when the city was named one of the National Geographic’s top travel destinations for 2018. I decided to take a road trip to see Cleveland for myself.  And you know what, Cleveland really does rock!

I’m so happy that it’s finally getting the recognition it deserves as a destination full of entertainment, culture and mouthwatering treats to tantalize the foodie in all of us!

Things to Do in Cleveland this Weekend: My Top Five Must-Do’s


West Side Market– The market has been around since 1912, and is now one of the largest indoor/outdoor markets in the country.  You’ll find everything from produce to baked goods, to a wide variety of international cuisine.  The market is in the “Ohio City” neighborhood that is just west of downtown.  I recommend hitting the West Side Market for lunch, then grabbing a drink at one of the several breweries in the neighborhood.  Great Lakes is my favorite!
Polish Boy Sandwich– This sausage sandwich is native to Cleveland. It’s a Kielbasa sausage served on a bun with a layers of fries, cole slaw and barbecue sauce.  I recommend “Banter,” in the Gordon Square Arts District.
Cleveland Style Barbecue– This means the sauce is mustard based.  Try Iron Chef Michael Symon’s BBQ restaurant, “Mabels.”
BrewNuts– Beer meets Bakery.  Stop in and try a craft beer based donut and local brews on tap.
Sweet Moses– Vintage style soda and ice cream shop with delicious fudge.


Why visit: Take a walk through rock history.  The museum is packed with rock memorabilia, but my favorite part is the “Power of Rock” experience, which virtually gives you a front row seat to performances.
Location: Downtown
Price: I think it’s worth the $23 online ticket price if you have the time to go through the entire museum, which will probably take about 2-3 hours.


Why visit– This restored house is the actual location where parts of the classic movie were filmed.  There are plenty of photo opportunities full of nostalgia: including the famous leg lamp, the sink where randy hid, and of course the Lifebuoy soap.
Location:  The house is located just southwest of downtown in the Tremont Neighborhood.
Price: An $11 ticket gets you a guided tour of the house and access to the museum.  If your budget is higher, think about spending the night in Ralphie or Randy’s BEDS.  Overnight stays start at $396 per night.


Why visit: Excellent collection. and it’s FREE.  The Cleveland Museum of Art is one of the only major museums in the country to still offer free admission. There are interactive displays among the 45,000 works of art on display.
You’ll find everything from Warhol to Monet.
Location: University Circle Neighborhood, on the city’s east side
Price: Let’s say it again, FREE!


Why visit:  If you’re an adrenaline junkie, this must be on your list! The ice chutes plunge down a 70-foot vertical drop, and travel 700 feet of ice.
Location: The ice chutes are inside the Mill Stream Run Reservation (part of Cleveland Metro Parks) about 20 minutes south of downtown Cleveland. So if you’re taking a road trip into town, you might want to try tobogganing on your way in or out of town.
Price: All day admission is $12 for adults, $10 for kids.


Take your picture with one of the many “Cleveland” signs.  My two favorites are located at North Coast Harbor and Upper Edgewater Park.
North Coast Harbor- The sign at North Coast harbor gives you a beautiful skyline backdrop, and includes the Rock & Roll Hall of fame.
Upper Edgewater Park- This location uniquely showcases downtown Cleveland with stunning views of the Lake Erie Shoreline.

I could add more to this list of this to do in Cleveland this weekend but these 5 top my list. If you’ve visited the city, come back to this post and share your stories in the comments!

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