Color Run Louisville, KY Review and Tips for Your First Color Run

If you’re an experienced runner looking for fun, Color Run Louisville is for you. If you’ve never run or walked a 5k and need some fun motivation, this race is also for you.

I’ve wanted to do The Color Run for a while, but the dates never quite worked out for me.  So I jumped at the chance for a quick road trip with two of my co-workers for the 5k Louisville Color Run which is a little more than an hour from where we live in Lexington.  I definitely recommend taking a road trip to a new city for The Color Run, we had a blast!

How Much Does The Color Run Cost?

How Much does The Color Run Cost?

There are several different options when you explore how much the Color Run costs and you register for the race.  From Sidekick to Ultra Runner, the prices range between $24.99 and $49.99. We went with the Super Color Runner, which came with a t-shirt, headband, and temporary tattoos.  I think this is the best bang for your buck because it also includes the extra color at the end of the race, and of course your race medal.

Tips for Your First Color Run

2 initial tips for your first Color Run: Pick up your packet the day before, and arrive early

We were coming from out of town, so we picked up our packets the morning of the race and the line was incredibly long.  But even if you have your packet, you’ll want to get there early to enjoy the DJ who leads a “pre-party.”

Tips for Your First Color Run

Don’t forget to take pictures before the race starts so you have before/after of your Color Run experience!

It’s crowded near the start, but that keeps the energy up.  The DJ/Emcee at the start line lets runners go in pretty small waves.  That means everyone gets the chance to come up to the start line and experience a real count down.

The race is perfect for runners or walkers.  We did a walk/run hybrid and we finished in less than an hour.  It’s a fun laid back race, which is why I recommend trying a course through a new city! We passed Louisville Slugger Field, Angels Envy Bourbon, and other Louisville staples.

We ran through our first color, purple, about a half mile into the race. For some reason, I envisioned some sort of colored mist at each color station. When you run through a color station, there are actual people with quirt bottles throwing the color on you.

We passed through pink, blue, orange, and then finally green near the finish line.

As cool as the race experience is, once you cross the finish line is where the party really starts.  You’ll grab your metal and en extra color packet, and then join in the fun. There’s a DJ, foam party, and plenty of photo opportunities.

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Is the color safe? Will it wash out?

Run officials say the colors are a combination of cornstarch, baking soda, and FD&C dyes. FD&C dyes are approved by the FDA to use in food, drugs and cosmetics.

I was surprised at how easily the color washed out of my running pants and shoes.  Most of the color actually “dusted off,” and I think that’s because of the large amount of baking soda in it.

We dusted ourselves off and drove home, and there wasn’t any color left in my car.  After a shower with a short amount of time with my loofah, the color was out of my skin and hair.

If you’re worried the Color Run color won’t wash out of your clothes, pick up some Carbona Color Run Remover before the run.

I enjoyed the Color Run Louisville, and overall I highly recommend it especially to people new to the running world.  It’s a no pressure opportunity to get your feet wet in 5k racing! Plus it’s a chance to act like a kid for the day, rolling in color, playing in foam, all while having a blast with your friends.

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