3 of the Best Amsterdam Running Routes

In this article I’ll cover three of my favorite Amsterdam running routes, along with the excellent food I found along the way to recover those burned calories!

I traveled to Amsterdam for the first time in 2017 to run the half in the Amsterdam Marathon and it was a blast!

The Amsterdam Marathon was my first International race and the entire event is so well run and easy to navigate I recommend it to anyone looking to start getting into International Destination Races.

Naturally, after this marathon I was hooked on running in Amsterdam –so I sought out the best Amsterdam running routes I could find.


3 Running Routes in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a great city for anyone in the running community traveling solo. It was easy to meet people while I was there to join in some Amsterdam runs later on my trip.

After taking the advice of local runners, I narrowed it down to 3 Amsterdam running routes that I think are perfect if you’re visiting the city. From the touristy to the relaxing run, to the run with some local brews –try one of these each day for a nice taste of Amsterdam by foot.

Vondelpark Running: 2.5 miles

vondelpark running

If you’re a runner, you can’t come to Amsterdam without a jaunt through Vondelpark, the largest park in the city.

This Amsterdam running route has everything you could ask for –wide pedestrian paths, beautiful ponds, and plenty of greenery for shade. It has the look of Central Park, but a European ambiance that makes for great people watching. It’s the most popular park in The Netherlands with about 10 million people visiting the park each year.

Vondelpark running

If you run around the main outer loop you’ll hit about 2.5 miles, but you won’t regret running this twice for a nice 5 miles route.

The park is easy to get to by tram or bus, it only took me about 10 minutes by tram from where I was staying near the city centre.

There are plenty of stops all around the park but I got out at “Jan Pieter Heijestraat” on the in the middle of the northwest side of the park because, of course, I am planning for what I’ll EAT after the run.

A big bonus here is that there are lots of porta-potties around the park. Whether you go in the morning, afternoon, or evening you’ll find countless people out being active in the park. From runners, to walkers, to cyclists it’s easy to tell why Dutch people look so in shape.

Since I was inspired to get into Dutch Shape, I looked up some healthy options for a post run lunch and found my favorite restaurant in Amsterdam —Vegan Junk Food Bar.

Amsterdam Vegan Bar

There are a few locations, but the one near Vondelpark makes for the perfect post workout stop. It’s just a block away from the middle of the park on the northwest side.

vegan bar amsterdam vegan junkfood

I tried a couple options, but my favorite was the Original VJFB, it has vegan cheece, lettuce, tomato, fried onion and the VJFB sauce.

If I could eat his every single day I would do it just for this sauce. It tastes just like Big Mac sauce.. but vegan! The fries are amazing, I recommended going with the truffle fries, vegan “parmesan” and truffle oil… perfection in a dish and a great way to recover after running in Amsterdam.

River Amstel “Beltway” Running: 6.5 miles

amstel running

If you’re looking for more of a “touristy” Amsterdam running route to see the city, the 6.5 mile loop around the Amstel River’s “Beltway” is for you.

I started up in the city centre by central station, but anywhere closest to where you’re staying is a great place to start.

river amstel running

You’ll run along the outskirts of the Jordaan area, famous for expensive homes and quintessential Dutch design. On the east side of the run you’ll come across relaxing views near the docklands.

Along the entire route you’re in for great people watching to give you a real feel for the city, you’ll pass through areas popular with both tourists and locals.

Westerpark Running: 3.5 miles

westerpark running

Westerpark is by far my favorite place to run in Amsterdam! Just northwest of the city centre, It’s the perfect 3.5 mile loop with plenty of options to add more mileage in the area.

It’s the perfect running tour in Amsterdam to get you outside of the crowds in the city centre and it’s filled with green.

westerpark running

The neighborhood is not touristy, bustling with locals, and easy to access by tram. I got off the tram at the Haarlemmerplein stop.

** If you need a little strength training along the way, you’ll have plenty of opportunities. The park has “weight” stations sprinkled throughout the park for body weight workouts.

I have to admit this was my favorite of these running routes in Amsterdam because of the local brewery right inside the park.

Brouwerij Troost Westergas

Hey, I have to stay hydrated, right? Reward yourself and stop by Brouwerij Troost Westergas when you finish your run.

The setting is cozy and filled with wooden furniture, plus they are actually brewing in the building and you can see it through glass windows.

I’m no beer aficionado, but it was a lot of fun to sit for an hour to try a flight of local beers. I didn’t find this at a lot of restaurants in Amsterdam, but the staff was incredibly friendly and knowledgeable about their beer selection.

Now get out there and put in some miles on a couple of these Amsterdam running routes… it’s time to earn those stroopwafles!

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